Mason Vincent Plays a version of Higher Ground at the Baseball Tavern in Boston. Kicked upstairs by a show on the stage they were supposed to play on by a spin off of a national band. No stage no lights and a P.A. from hell, but big fun was the order of the night.
    Double Sword demo and spoof, from Lord Enzo The Barbarian King. Real swords and real fun and exercise.
    A Date With King Richard. A talent contest to determine the winner of a date to the Joust with King Richard X at King Richards Faire in Carver Ma.
    Singing Wenches, from King Richards Faire entertain the crowd with their sly innuendo and dangerous sense of humor.

Captain Jack Costume Contest: Captain Jack wins the Costume Contest on day two of the Gloucester Pirate Faire.

    Baby Tiger from King Richards Faire on the Esplanade in Boston for the press preview of the Faire.
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